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Group Photo of Troop Turkey Drive Volunteers

CEO of Troop Real Estate, Inc., Brian Troop (far right) and Alex Gandel, Troop Real Estate agent and organizer of the Troop Turkey Drive (far left) thank the many volunteers, donors, and sponsors from various organizations who participated in the 2015 Troop Turkey Drive.

November, 2015, Simi Valley – CEO Brian Troop on Monday called this year’s Troop Turkey Drive, the 16th annual fundraising event dedicated to providing local income-qualified residents a Thanksgiving meal, a success and thanked volunteers for their efforts in fundraising and food distribution.

“It was a great success. Donations came in at the last minute to help us accomplish our goals,” says Troop.

With the combined efforts of volunteers, donors and various non-profit organizations, approximately 23,000 people received a Thanksgiving meal including 750 military families at the Sea Bee base in Port Hueneme that the company included in gratitude for their service to our country.

The drive collected donations and used one hundred percent of the funds to purchase $25 meals for families of 10 people. Each meal included a 14-18 pound turkey, a 5-pound bag of potatoes, a box of stuffing, two cans of green beans, a can of cream of mushroom soup and fresh rolls.

“This is a blessing,” says Mary Flandez, Salvation Army Program Coordinator/Social Service Aide. “We always look forward to this event that Alex Gandel and Troop Real Estate put together.”

Like the past fifteen years, families in need arrived early Monday morning at Troop offices to pick up their food. Volunteers from the Ventura County Food Share, Salvation Army, Manna, Simi/Moorpark Lions Club, Skinny Wimp Moving Company, Prospect Mortgage, Consumers Title, All Valley Escrow and Troop Real Estate, Inc. handed out food, often walking the items to the recipients’ cars. Volunteers donated food to the homes of those unable to attend.

Troop Real Estate agent Alex Gandel says, “Year after year, I am never surprised by the goodness and kindness that shows up in so many people. We’re merely the vehicle to help. All the corporate sponsors, donors, and volunteers are the wheels that help us roll to the finish line every year. Without everyone, this would never be possible.”

Lance Clauson, the owner of Skinny Wimp Moving Company, has sponsored the transportation of food for the past three years. On the Friday before the event, Skinny Wimp drivers picked up dry goods purchased with donated funds from Simi Valley Albertsons and delivered them for bundling at Troop Real Estate. On Monday morning, two drivers and assistants were dispatched back to Albertsons to pick up turkeys and deliver them to Simi Valley and Ventura Troop offices for the big event.

“Personally, it feels really good to be a part of this,” says Clauson. “I think it’s a wonderful thing to do every year, and we are happy to be a part of it.”

Participating every year since 2000, Stan and Renee Rector, Troop Real Estate agents, raised $1500 in donations for the event. Donning their 2015 Turkey Drive T-shirts, the two agents showed up along with many other volunteers to hand out food.

“I’ve seen people hurting through the holidays,” said Stan Rector. “Food banks are often empty the first few months of the year, but people need food all year round.”

Like Rector, Tim McPhillips of Prospect Mortgage couldn’t resist the opportunity to contribute to the Turkey Drive again.

“The first time I delivered food to people who couldn’t be here, about four or five years ago, I was driving to their homes and personally giving them the items,” McPhillips said. “It was a life changer. People are so thankful. It is a great way to start the holidays off.”

For more information or to continue donating for next year, contact your Troop Real Estate professional, or call 805.426.0623, email turkeydrive@troop.com, or visit www.troopturkeyathon.com.